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How big is your plate? Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? Remember, as children, separating the different foods on the plate so that they wouldn’t touch? Now it seems that everything touches. I know I have a plateful. Maybe it’s time for a diet or at least become more selective with what I choose to eat.

Superbowl Sunday, Transfiguration Sunday (Valentine’s Day), and Ash Wednesday (Lent) have already been loaded on our plates, but before we “chow” down on these tasty morsels, it is time for pause (even a prayer) and recognize just how “super” we really have it, even with the terrors of death and division. More than that, if we examine our portions, we find they are more than enough and the road we have traveled in faith has yielded great things indeed and that are lives have changed (transfigured)—for the good. As we begin another forty days of Lent, this can become a time of reflection, prayer, and fasting that will refresh and restore our lives.

We cannot give way to naysayers and doubters who only want to tear down and find fault. I am not talking about those who think the glass is half-empty. I am talking about those who have removed the glass and then complain about where to put the water. It is so easy to blame others or create “windmills” to fight. Lent reminds us that our walk will not be easy, but I would rather take the narrow road that leads to life rather than the long and winding road that takes us to a “bridge too far.” The suffering, pain, and death of our Lord remind us that there is a way out. The Savior will lead us; there still is hope and much to be thankful for, from death to life.

How big is your plate? I’m opting for smaller portions so that I can leave room for Jesus, indescribably delicious!


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